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App-Order has created hundreds of apps for city municipalities, state counties, small and medium size businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies. We specialize in providing all-in-one software solutions for communication and data management- solutions that drive exceptional business results.

Key Product Benefits

  • Affordable

    • Low cost, rapid setup and delivery
    • No technical support costs
    • No long-term commitment required
    • Ongoing Android, iPhone, and web updates at no additional cost
  • Reduce or Eliminate Data-Entry Costs

    • Create, update, and manage work orders, reports, and surveys from your Android or iPhone device
    • Invoice and bill right from your device
    • Link start and completion timestamps, GPS location, notes, and more automatically with each work order
    • Run daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports using a powerful, integrated web backend
  • Improve Efficiency and Quality Control

    • Reduce work order creation to a fraction of current time- typically less than a minute!
    • Track and compare your employees' time spent on each project
    • Monitor your employees' GPS locations in real time
    • Receive "before" and "after" pictures, notes, signatures, etc (configurable per YOUR business needs) for each work order
  • The Best Part

    Customers often tell us, "We don't know how we got by without this software - it's made running our business so much easier. We don't ever want to go back!" Not only will our software make running your business tremendously more efficient and cost-effective, it will save you countless management hours and headaches too!

Here are just a few of the apps we've made:

We have solutions for many different types of businesses in many different industries, so we're likely to have have something that will work for your business, too.

Contact us today, and let's get your app to you!

Our company is made up of bright developers, designers, and business leaders who have a passion for what they do.

Speak technology? We do too. We're experts in iOS, Android, and web app development. We've developed hundreds of apps and have hundreds of happy customers.

Speak business? We do that too. We're experts in making your business more efficient and more cost effective. We believe a quality product starts with understanding YOUR business and building an app specific to your needs.

We're all U.S. based, and we're always happy to answer your questions and provide project updates.

Want to speak with the team? Contact us today, and let's get started!

Our Software Has Been Featured Numerous Times in the Press

San Antonio, TX

Tucson, Arizona

San Bernardino County Press Release

"The application was developed at no additional cost to the County and will simplify the complaint reporting process for many residents while increasing the efficiency in which violations are addressed."

The Guardian

"...a smartphone application that has allowed city workers to photograph graffiti on an iPhone and send the picture message to a local database. Because of the iPhone's GPS features, the message contains the location of the graffiti, so council workers can be sent to clean it off. It is operating in three states, where more than 70,000 incidents of graffiti have been reported."

USA Today

"...the software for the application enables people to use their iPhones to photograph, document and report graffiti directly to authorities. "That has allowed that data to be immediately accessible by anyone in the city, namely police departments,it increases their efficiency tremendously."

Arizona Republic

"...the service pays for itself by eliminating the need for employees to enter data on work orders."

"...the database allows technicians responding to graffiti to check whether other graffiti has been reported nearby, rather than having to drive out to the same area the next day."

Press "Play" and Watch This Demo of the "Citizen Reporting Application"

Created for the City Of Mesa, Arizona

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